Local Stair Lift Companies

Local Stair Lift Companies

Stair lift equipments are essential for households who have family members who are old, disabled, or are temporarily handicapped. These apparatus would help them keep safe especially when going up and down stairways. Local stair lift companies in your area can offer both rentals and purchased stair lift equipments.

Though renting a stair lift may seem cheaper than purchasing the whole device, several factors should be considered before deciding whether to just rent or buy one. Always take into consideration the period of time you will be requiring the lifting device. If you need it for less than a year then opt for renting. But if you will use it for a longer time, then consider purchasing one from one of the local stair lift companies. Even if the monthly rental fee may seem more affordable than paying a substantial amount of money at one time, but the longer you need the device the more money is wasted paying for the rental fees.

Cost of Stair Lifts

A good quality stair lift may cost an average of $3,600. But there are several factors that affect the cost of local stair lift equipment.

• First is the type of stairway. Normally, lifting devices for curved stairways are more costly compared to those for straight stairways.

• Second is the source of energy. Battery operated models are more expensive than electrically operated stair lifts.

• Third are the additional features. Add-ons such as wheelchair platform and fitted side arms add cost to the equipment.

• Fourth is the brand. The more popular the brand is, the more expensive it is because of the features and technology incorporated into the device.

• Fifth is installation. Depending on the structure of the house, installation may cost higher for more complex types of stairways in contrast to simple, straight stairways.

• Sixth is whether the stair lift is brand new or pre-owned. Pre-owned stair lifts are less expensive, although they operate like any new device as they are usually reconditioned and revamped.

• Lastly, the price may also be affected by the stair lift company and the services they offer. It is best to buy from one of the reputable local stair lift companies and always consider the equipment's maintenance, repair, service charge and warranty that come with it.

Some Local Stair Lift Companies

Wherever you are, you will most likely find a local stair lift company. Some of the known stair lift companies are listed below.

• Stairlift Solution Plus

Stairlift Solution Plus offers affordable yet dependable residential and commercial stair lift solutions. All of their units are built with quality components and modern technology to provide utmost comfort and safety. They can be contacted through 716-525-7505.

• Long Island Stairlifts

Long Island Stairlifts provides Acorn Superglide stair lifts which come with free maintenance and DC powerpacks. For additional information, you can call 631-385-7770 or fax 631-421-6342.

• Easy Access Stairlifts

Easy Access Stairlifts provides both commercial and residential stair lift equipments through 3 easy-way service as you may call, make an appointment and schedule your installation. For more details contact this no. 888-630-2500.

• Eazylift Stairlifts

Eazylift Stairlifts has provided accessibility service for over 60 years with exceptional customer-service and certified professional service technicians or contact this no. 888-490-5438 for more information.

When choosing among local stair lift companies, make sure you select a reputable one. Price is not just the main concern, but the equipment's quality, durability, and efficiency as well. Ask your family, friends or relatives and you might get some good suggestions. But most important of all go for a company that provides support and service and gives a minimum of 12 months warranty as you’ll never know what issues may arise within the first year of use.

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