Stair Lift Faqs

Stair Lift Faqs

Q: How Much Does A Stair Lift Cost?

A: The cost of a stair lift system greatly varies on the type of stair lift needed, the stair well that the stair lift is to be installed in as well as how fancy you want the stair lift to be.

Q: Can I Install My Own Stair Lift?

A: Installation of Stair Lifts should be left to properly trained and licensed persons. If you install the stair lift on your own you risk injury and may void the warranty and or service plan. Some areas require people performing installations in homes to be licensed.

Q: What is the weight limit on stair lifts?

A: The weight limit on the load of stair lifts is listed with the product and is set by the manufacturer. If you have questions regarding the limit that your stair lift can handle you should contact the manufacturer or the company that sold you the stair lift.

Q: I weight just a bit more than the rated limit of my stair lift. Can I still use it?

A: If you weigh more than the rated limit of your stair lift you should stop using it immediately. Overloading a stair lift can result in damage to your stair lift or house as well as injury or death. Contact your stair lift provider for information on getting a stair lift to handle additional weight load.

Q: Can I perform the routine maintenance on my stair lift?

A: Performing routine maintenance on your own stair lift depends on your physical ability to perform the maintenance which may involve heavy lifting or twisting as well as the manufactures’ requirements. Often if uncertified people perform maintenance on a stair lift it voids the warranty and service plan of the unit.

Q: If the power fails will my stair lift still work?

A: If the power fails your stair lift may still be functional, depending on the power source of your stair lift. If your stair lift is powered by batteries it should work fine until the battery is depleted. Electrically powered stair lifts may function for a short time if they have a built in battery backup – but should not be used heavily during times of power outage.

Q: How easy is it to install a stair lift?

A: The ease of installation of your stair lift depends on the type of stair lift you are installing, the power source for your stair lift and the physical layout of your stair case. Stair wells that turn or curve are often the most difficult when it comes to installing stair wells. Many stair lift manufacturers also require that certified technicians install the stair lift under penalty of a voided warranty or service plan.

Q: What if the star lift breaks down?

A: If your stair lift breaks down you should call the manufacturer to get it serviced. If you attempt to repair it on your own you may void the warranty on your stair lift.

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