Stairlifts have been widely used in the United States since the 1930s: their steady manufacturing and production started after the outbreak of diseases such as polio. A man named C.C. Crispen, who had a handicapped friend, allegedly created the basic idea of the stairlift. Wanting to help his friend move from floor to floor, he engineered a mechanism where the chair would incline and move upward. Other historians have stated that stairlifts go back even further, to England’s King Henry VIII’s time in the 16th century. The king was injured and couldn’t move around his palace easily. Despite isolated instances, the mechanism wasn’t improved and manufactured until the 20th century.

How Do They Work?

As you may know, the job of a stairlift is to lift a rider up a flight of stairs. They work in a straightforward manner though different models will feature different systems. Considering that there is a railing, most often times the stairlift is attached to the railing rather than the wall. It has to be fitted perfectly for it to work correctly and not break. The chair is intended for a person to sit side-mounted, which means your legs will be facing the opposite wall. The seat can be motorized by an electric motor, however, some models are motorized by a hydraulic system. The system is managed through a controller, which the person who sits on the chair is able to operate. The rider can stop the stairlift, speed it up and slow it down. There are no automated processes when it comes to stairlifts: you can stop midway up the stairs or go back the way you came if you forgot something.

Straight Stairlifts

The first stairlifts created were very simple and always straight. Most stairways are straight: that is the reason why the majority of stairlifts used to be straight. The fact that they are straight doesn’t mean that they can’t have modern features, though. Whenever you shop for a straight stairlift, you want to look for a company that’s an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer. This means that they are providing you with products of the highest quality. Stairlifts are definitely the practical solution that can assist you to travel from floor to floor without going through the trouble of trying to climb the stairs.

Curved Stairlifts

Modern architecture happens to have created several issues. One of those things includes elaborate stairways. Back in the day, the majority of people would build simple houses with simple straight stairlifts. Nowadays, it’s extremely common to find curved stairways. A straight stairlift won’t work in a curved stairway; therefore, you must arrange to purchase a custom fitted stairlift instead. They work the exact same way as straight stairlifts with the exception that they move just a bit slower. They are also capable of bending where the stairway curves without causing any distress to the passenger. The passenger will enjoy a smooth ride around the bend and the chair will continue its way up without any issues.

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