Seatbelts for Stairlifts

The primary purpose of the stairlifts is safety and comfort. The accessories serve this purpose. Seatbelts are one of the important accessories of the stairlifts. When you are riding a roller coaster you are advised to wear a seatbelt for your safety and similarly you need a seatbelt for a stairlift too.

It can be wrapped around your lap and is called the inertia reel lap harness. It can also strap your shoulders which is then referred to as static type, 3 point fixing over shoulder harness. In both the cases the risk of injury is less.

Most models of stairlifts have a seat belt. For lift users requiring some positioning support a stair lift seat belt may be sufficient. Seatbelts are meant for providing complete security. The retractable seatbelt ensures that you are fully secure in the chair. Users with certain ailments and disabilities may require a harness. However there is a range of harnesses available not all manufacturers are able to fit them.

The basic function of a home stair lift system is to provide the elderly and disabled people an easy and safe access between the floors of their house. When people start looking for a stairlift, they generally cast their eyes on the price and overlook the safety features. This is ironic because the focus of the purchase should be on the safety features alone. We should consider the fragile physical condition of the people for whom the stairlift system is intended. Fortunately, most stairlifts that leave the modern assembly line are now equipped with the basic safety mechanisms. It will keep the rider or other members of the household out of harm's way whenever the stairlift system is in operation. Among the various safety features, most stairlifts are now equipped with a seat belt for added safety while riding up and down the stairs.

If you are buying a second hand stair lift you should look into the general conditions of the chair. Does it have a seatbelt? - if you need to wear one you will have the problem of trying to buy a seatbelt for a model of stair lift that may no longer be made. The only seatbelt designed just for a stairlift comes from Solus and Sofia. Instead of being tucked down by the users' hips like most stairlifts, the Solus and Sofia have a retractable seatbelt that is mounted near the tip of one armrest, and can be operated with one hand. It simply latches into a hole on the opposite armrest.

Most of Bison stair lifts are compact and slim for easier access for other non-stair lift users of the stairs. It has an adjustable chair and different choices of seatbelts upon purchase. Safety features are always available to prevent collisions. The Stannah stairlifts have a retractable seatbelt with a centre clasp that retracts safely away when not in use.

Thus the main aim of the seatbelts for stairlifts are to provide safety and reassurance to the users.

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