Stairlift Platforms

Do you have someone at home that is sick, and in need of care? Perhaps he or she cannot go up and down the stairs. Maybe you have an elderly grandmother who is confined to her room and hence cannot travel up and down the storey's. Well, why should they miss out on any fun? In such cases, the stairlift platforms can be the best solution, and can increase their mobility. In this article, we shall discuss stairlift platforms in detail.

Now what is the basic advantage of a stairlift platform? Well, those stairlifts which have a wheelchair platform remove any need for the user or the patient to transfer out of the wheelchair and onto the stairlift. Instead, what the person has to do is just self-propel, or be pushed straight to the platform.

If you are thinking of going for stairlift platforms, well, that is a great choice. But you also need to take into account the fact that you should get an individual assessment with an occupational therapist that way, you can be assured of full safety. For instance, there may be various factors that you might need to take into account so you might need to check whether a platform stairlift or alternative equipment would be appropriate for your needs.

Now when it comes to stairlift platforms, you should know that most platforms fold up against the wall when they are not being used these usually take up quite a lot of room, and unfortunately most domestic stairs are not wide enough to accommodate them. Stairlift platforms have one main disadvantage that is that they require a large amount of area at the base of the flight of stairs, and also at the top- to accommodate the platform, and a user needs sufficient amount of space to be able to maneuver the wheelchair on and off the platform. Another main disadvantage of stairlift platforms is that they tend to block stairways when they are not being used they are also slower than vertical platform lifts, and also, they do not look very aesthetic or pleasing to the eye.

Many people wonder if a straight stairlift can be fit along a curved staircase. Yes, this is possible if there is a small turn at the top of the stairs then it is possible to install a straight stairlift along with a small folding wooden platform. These folding platforms are available as manual or powered platforms. They bridge the gap between the stairlift, when it is stationary at the top of the stairs, and the staircase landing.

However, there is also an advantage of the folding wooden platform that is that it costs almost the same as a curved stairlift. But you can make it a viable option only if there are no more than 3-4 steps turn at the top of the stairs. Also, the folding platforms are unsuitable for those who have limited or poor mobility, poor balance, poor vision or those who suffer from fainting or dizziness.

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