Stairlift FAQs

Buying a stair lift is not easy. There are many factors that you need to take into account. For instance, first you need to consider your budget you also need to take into account the kind of stairway you have, and the health condition of the user.

In this article, we shall deal with some common stair lift FAQs, to dispel all the doubts.

What type of stair lift should you choose?

The market today has two major kinds of stair lifts available the straight stair lift, and the curved stair lift. Which one you choose depends on various factors. First, think about the kind of stairway at home if it is straight, then obviously you should go for the straight stair lift. This is usually the cheapest, because it is a straight run. But if your stairway has landings, curves, or twists then it is more appropriate to get the curved stair lift these are expensive because usually they have to be custom-made.

How should you take the user's health into consideration?

The health and condition of the user of the stair lift is also a major factor that should be taken into consideration. For instance, you need to know whether the condition is temporary or permanent. If temporary, then it is advisable to rent a stair lift, rather than buy it. But if the condition is permanent, then you would have to buy it. To save money, you could be a used stair lift often you can find one in really good condition for far less the price.

Should you consider the budget?

Of course you need to take into account your budget. Think about how much money you can spare for the renting or buying of the stair lift whether you will go for brand new, or used. You might have to shell out anything between 2000 dollars and 15000 dollars, depending on the brand and type of stair lift you go for.

Where can you find used stair lifts?

Many people, who decide to go for used stair lifts to save the money, often have trouble getting them. But you need to know it's not difficult at all check the auction websites, the auction houses, the local newspapers for classified ads, and visit the local stores and ask your dealers about used stair lifts.

Any recommendations?

If you are buying something for a straight stairway, you might try the Acorn Superglide 120, which is battery-powered, it has safety sensors which stop the chair in case of obstacle there is also a fold up seat, flip up foot rest, and swivel seat. We also recommend the Summit stair lifts these are not only easy to install, they are also quite affordable. They are electricity-powered.

Remember that depending on what kind of model and features you want of the stair lift, the price will vary. This article has dealt with many common stair lift FAQs, now you can go out and buy one for your own home!

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