Stairlift Accessories

The main stairlift accessories are folding platforms, hinged rails, perched frames and swivel seats. If your staircase has a small turn at the top, then it is sometimes possible to install a straight stairlift rather than a curved one. This is done with the addition of a small folding wooden platform which can also save you a considerable amount of money.

A folding platform is a solid wooden platform that is hinged. This allows it to get folded up against the wall. Then other people can use the staircase when this is not in use. The addition of hinged rails allows you to use the doorway comfortably. It is just like a normal stairlift rail but it is hinged at the bottom to allow the lower section of the rail to fold upwards when not in use. This allows the passageway to be used as usual without the risk of tripping. Perched frames are modifications of normal stairlifts allowing the users to move safely without bending their knees.

If your stairlift has a fixed seat you may find it difficult to get off. You may need to twist and lift yourself out of the seat. A swivel seat is designed to make this process easier, safer and more comfortable. The swivel seat allows the user to rotate away from the stairs. The swivel seats can be powered or manual.

Another stairlift accessory is the safety locking system which prevents unauthorized use and also prevents children from using them. The seat belts are also an important accessory. Stairlifts come with an inertial reel lap harness as standard with no extra cost.

The Meditek provides the most extensive range of accessories in the industry. All meditek stairlifts feature folding armrests, footrests and seats. There is also the option of a linked footrest for those customers who find bending down difficult. There are a number of accessories available to complement the ACORN Superglide Stair Lift. These accessories are designed and manufactured to provide comfortable, practical and cost effective solutions for individuals with physical flexibility difficulties, or sometimes for more complex stair configurations.

The safety sensors are built in the footrests to stop the lift if any obstacle is encountered. Backrest is also an accessory. It can be adjusted and can have two different settings. The footrest can also be adjusted to different heights and the control switch is located at the end of the armrest.

There can be many optional stairlift accessories like DC battery operated power system, leather seats, wall mounted call and send controls, grocery carrier, cargo racks, etc. Simple joysticks and wireless remote controls are other options.

So there are various accessories to meet all our mobility needs. Some stairlifts can be adjusted to various heights which helps to transfer in and out of the stairlift according to your specific needs. Battery isolation switches allow the user to isolate the stairlift from the main electricity supply for long periods of time when not in use. Overspeed governor is an emergency brake that prevents uncontrolled descent of the stairlift seat and the soft start and stop facility prevents sudden jerks and gives a smooth ride.

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